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Personality Development is the outcome of Dr. Tushar Guha's 32 years of research and observations of human relations, emotions and their communications. This is also a result of a process of self-analysis and self-evaluation. Dr. Guha is the first Doctorate in Personality Development, USA.

Personality means different things to different people.

  • For a Student - self-reliance, appearance, character.
  • For a Manager - time management, planning, inter-personnel relations, extrovert.
  • For a Professional - intellect, professional status, communication skills, time management, planning.
  • For an Artist - creativity, glamour, social status, emotions, expressions, physical attributes.
  • For a Home maker - creativity, social activities, to spread hope & brightness.

Some attributes common for all are self-confidence, optimism, positive attitude, walk & gait, glamour and style, success and status. Personality is a combination of multiple aspects of a human being. A complete personality is, to be pleasant, to ooze optimism, to spread hope and brightness.

That is in the right form at the right time, to communicate rightly with the right perspective, all with total and spontaneous sincerity, i.e. "from within ".

Nrityanjali conducts Personality Development Courses for children, teenagers, youth as well as for adults

Special Personality Development Course is conducted for adults aged 18 years onwards (no upper age limit)

  • Professionals : lawyers, architects, managers, doctors, software consultants, BPO exexutives
  • CEOs
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Youth
  • Home makers
  • Senior Citizens

For details on this course kindly refer to our HRD division

Personality Development Course is also conducted for children in the age group 7 years - 15 years, for teenagers in the age group 15 years to 18 years. For details on these courses kindly refer to Education Services division

For details on the evolution please refer to the section on Personality Development History