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Dr. Tushar Guha's research on Human relations and psychology started about three decades back spanning the native culture existing in several states of India in the interiors as well as the urban parts - Maharashtra, Gujarat, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Punjab. He has also put his research and learning into practice for more than 20 years, resulting in benefit reaped by thousands of his students.

Dr.Tushar Guha and Nrityanjali brought to the fore the urgent need to make personality development a compulsory subject across all schools. Since he is a visionary he envisaged the requirement of all round development for every child, to make education more wholesome. But his idea and philosophy was revolutionary, his concept was very new for people.

Dr. Guha however wasn't disillusioned. He made concerted efforts to rally his point home, with lectures, trainings and workshops for teachers, IAS officers across the country, all on a honourary basis. The Education department and the government of Maharashtra and Assam, extended their heartfelt support in his endeavours.

In 1993, CONFEP '93 - the seven day Conference on Fine Arts, Education & Personality Development was organised by Nrityanjali at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai to draw world attention to Nrityanjali's Personality Development programme with thundering success.

Our Personality Development programme was accepted by the World Bank aided District Primary Education Project of Government of India. Demand for our Personality Development programme spread far and wide with Women's organisations, Spiritual Organisations, Social Organisations like Lion Clubs & Rotary Clubs, Educational Institutions for their teachers and students, Professional organisations like IMA, POSAT, NASSA, Education departments of various State Governments and Corporate houses like SCI Ltd, Century Reyon, Maximaa Systems Ltd. - all holding our workshops and trainings.

Dr. Tushar Guha authored the book Perceptions of Personality, which became the approved reference on Personality Development by the Government of Maharashtra, in 1996.

In 2000 the work of Dr. Tushar Guha on Personality Development received a boost when he was conferred a Doctorate (USA) on the subject: being the first doctorate in the subject. The demand from the Corporate world for our training increased and now PSUs, MNCs, Pharma Industries, Manufacturing companies and Proffesional institutions from India and abroad are our valued clients.

Nrityanjali and Dr. Guha’s sincere work bore fruit in 2006 when the HSC board Maharashtra introduced Personality Development and made it compulsory subject for 9th and 10th Std. students all over Maharashtra. It was a moment of joy and glory that 13 years after CONFEP 93 the vision and dream of providing all round development for every child became a reality.

Being on the syllabus committee of the HSC board, Dr. Tushar Guha has also been a constant guiding light in framing the syllabus content of the 9th and 10th Std. across Maharshtra.

He has also authored the first text books for the same at the behest of the Education department.

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