About Us - Core

'A leader in Personality Development and Emotion Management Nrityanjali is the first to sow the seeds of Personality Development way back in the 1980s more than two decades ago : i.e. all round balanced growth of an individual - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Much ahead of its times, Nrityanjali under the leadership of Managing Director Dr. Tushar Guha is the pioneer of Personality Development movement : the first Doctorate in Personality Development, USA.

Nrityanjali specializes in Emotion Management – emotion being the core essence, driving every human being. All behavioural modules and programmes of Nrityanjali are devised by Dr. Tushar Guha, based on his intensive research on Human Relations, Psychology and the Arts, spanning 32 years.

Additionally Nrityanjali’s expertise lies in the arena of the performing arts forms.

Nrityanjali is a registered public charitable trust, started in 1963. With over 30,000 active members across the world, Nrityanjali is a centre of discipline, learning, understanding, thought and action.

Membership in Nrityanjali is through invitation and has no fees..

Our Strength

  • Pioneer of Personality Development movement
  • Use of Mirror – the basis of Self Discovery & breaking of inhibitions
  • Emotion Management : Experiencing the emotions and feelings and making them OUR ALLY
  • Projection of rhythm – the very essence of life
  • Presentation of rational and emotional logic
  • Unique method developed for Meditation (very effective for building dynamism and Self Motivation)
  • Appreciation of self and converting it into a strength
  • Maintenance of ethics and values
  • Enabling each individual to interact in a productive manner
  • Unearthing latent soft skills for effective communication
  • Belief in God but not dependence on him
  • Channelizing the inherent potential to achieve personal and professional success
  • Participative and interactive programmes
  • A thorough "Professional" yet a "Non Commercial" organisation
  • A team of over 100 faculty members who are trainers for corporate soft skills programmes, educational programmes and for performing arts


  • Love care and share whatever little we have
  • Making life not just about existing but about ‘LIVING’
  • Independence of thought, feeling and action
  • Aesthetic growth : beauty, grace and rhythm
  • Developing pride of existence


The Peacock is Nrityanjali’s emblem. One of the most gracious animals, the peacock is known for its appeal, projection, sharpness, beauty, grace and rhythm. The outstretched leg of the peacock symbolizes our progression and understanding of the future realities. The missing "ghungroo" (anklet bells), leaves it open to thought in its various form


  • Constant evolution and progress.
  • Understanding future realities with an openness in our minds.
  • At NRITYANJALI, we dare to think unconventionally & do things differently.
  • And this enables us to guide our patrons to discover themselves, Blossom and Surge Ahead.