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'A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.' We also did the same. Formed on 19th July 1963, by Dr. Tushar Guha, we began in a very small way, with the twin objective of imparting discipline and promoting our great cultural heritage among the youth.

Nrityanjali's approach was simple and its medium is music, dance and dramatics. Music, dance and dramatics have a universal appeal and it is through these performing art forms that Nrityanjali started its journey, striving to reach its goal of social service.

We have progressed over the years culminating into the present day - Nrityanjali - extending our activities in various dimensions. Nrityanjali is now a registered public charitable trust.

Nrityanjali artistes performance 'Hum Ek Hain' at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016

from the founder`s desk

Nrityanjali is the home of LOVE - universal love - where we thrive to respect and understand each other.

Nrityanjali is the home of Multi - Dimensionalism - where we believe that every individual has extra ordinary capabilities.

Nrityanjali is the home of Challenges, of Pain, of Compassion, of Courage.

Nrityanjali is the home of Learning, of Education, of Evolution, of Progress, of Openness.

Nrityanjali is the home of Peace and of Calmness.

... As I look back, I find Nrityanjali is a Home Institution of all the above. People have come and gone but each one gave whatever they had, thus making our motto "Love, Care & Share Whatever Little We Have" a reality.

We are in service in education, in social upliftment, in entertainment that takes us from the economically and socially down trodden to the advanced society. Our Team Gives and Gives Completely - This TEAM is growing and I believe will continue to grow as NOTHING in the world gives complete contentment other than Complete Giving. (Click to view complete profile of Dr. Tushar Guha)

So We Pray...

Tushar Guha

Personality Development

Personality Development is the out come of Dr. Tushar Guha's 32 years of research and observations of human relations, emotions and their communications.

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Management Services

Specialising in Personality Development and the behavioural sciences, the programs offered are realistic solutions to the prevalent business conditions ....

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Education Services

Our education services division caters to the needs an individual both at the organizational and individual level. The focus is on providing education ....

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Performing Arts

Nrityanjali’s performing arts division is a step forward to rejuvenate ancient traditions especially the "Guru Shishya" parampara ....

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